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"Is ze kinder retarded" I can't lmao

I actually cried from laughing so much

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I really like the atmosphere this track has and i love the intro. It does a great job of setting the tone of this whole track. It's really dark while still being fun. There is also a great amount of musicality which is especially present in the beginning and in the interlude. I also love that you've kept the track so versatile. It never felt repetitive. My favorite parts are probably around 1:31 and 3:40. I like 1:31 because of the great musicality and 3:40 because it's a great mix between heavy speedcore and an uplifting melody. It sounds even better after I've read the story, because it really felt like a fight with lots of emotions involved. Mixing wise, I wouldn't say it's your best. The speedcore kick, especially in the later parts, isn't really... present. You can hear that it's being drowned out by the other elements playing. However I understand that mixing a speedcore track with lots of elements playing at the same time is hard. I really like your idea though and I love this huge amount of versatility this track has. Great job!

Corkiii responds:

thanks man, im glad you enjoyed the atmosphere i tried to set for the song lol. As for the mixing, ill try my best to improve it in a later update. But anyways thanks for the feedback.

I really like this. The meloy is lovely and is giving me Camellia vibes! The drop is intense, but i feel like the drums coul have been a lot punchier, as theyre kinda drowned out by the supersaw. I love the interlude at 1:10 foreshadowing the dubstep drop. I really love the melody in the third drop, but the mixing could have been a bit better.

Overall, great track with an awesome feeling and atmosphere to it.

I really, really love this man. Even without reading the story, I kinda imagined my own while listening to this. I like that you kept the song so versatile. That way it doesn't become boring and it really engulfes you. My favorite part is probably 0:57. The Psy bass is sooo good and I love these little sounds thrown in there. It really creates an intense atmosphere. It's very space-like! The part at 2:19 is cool, but caught me off guard a bit, because it's such a stark contrast to the previous part. I really like 3:13 as it's very calming and storytelling. Lovely midsection! It's even better now as I read the story. 4:39 threw me off first, but then I read the story and I loved it haha. It's very sporadic and these voice samples really underline the chaos that is going on. I really like it though and it fits to the theme of the song.

Overall, awesome track. I can tell that a lot of work went into it. You really get better and better with each song. I would even say that it's my favorite song from you yet :)

Keep up the great work!

(sorry for my English)

Corkiii responds:

I'm glad you like it bro. Even though i made it in 2 d a y s I still put a lot of effort into it and it means a lot that you consider this one your fav from me lol. And I'm glad you like the story as well as i put a lot of effort into making the atmosphere represent the story well. That reminds me, i still have to write down the stories i made for my other songs lol. Well anyways, I'm glad you like this one and ill try to get more songs finished in the future.

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This is so sick

German bedroom producer who loves bass music.

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