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"Is ze kinder retarded" I can't lmao

I actually cried from laughing so much

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I really like this. The meloy is lovely and is giving me Camellia vibes! The drop is intense, but i feel like the drums coul have been a lot punchier, as theyre kinda drowned out by the supersaw. I love the interlude at 1:10 foreshadowing the dubstep drop. I really love the melody in the third drop, but the mixing could have been a bit better.

Overall, great track with an awesome feeling and atmosphere to it.

I really, really love this man. Even without reading the story, I kinda imagined my own while listening to this. I like that you kept the song so versatile. That way it doesn't become boring and it really engulfes you. My favorite part is probably 0:57. The Psy bass is sooo good and I love these little sounds thrown in there. It really creates an intense atmosphere. It's very space-like! The part at 2:19 is cool, but caught me off guard a bit, because it's such a stark contrast to the previous part. I really like 3:13 as it's very calming and storytelling. Lovely midsection! It's even better now as I read the story. 4:39 threw me off first, but then I read the story and I loved it haha. It's very sporadic and these voice samples really underline the chaos that is going on. I really like it though and it fits to the theme of the song.

Overall, awesome track. I can tell that a lot of work went into it. You really get better and better with each song. I would even say that it's my favorite song from you yet :)

Keep up the great work!

(sorry for my English)

Corkiii responds:

I'm glad you like it bro. Even though i made it in 2 d a y s I still put a lot of effort into it and it means a lot that you consider this one your fav from me lol. And I'm glad you like the story as well as i put a lot of effort into making the atmosphere represent the story well. That reminds me, i still have to write down the stories i made for my other songs lol. Well anyways, I'm glad you like this one and ill try to get more songs finished in the future.

Love it. The title is giving me serious camellia vibes lol

Corkiii responds:

lmao funny enough i wasn't actually inspired by camellia when writing it lolol

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This is so sick

German bedroom producer who loves bass music.

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